Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm Back Again !

Firstly, I owe it to Ashwin for persuading me for the last year and a half to write something.

Feels good to be writing again. Lots of things have happened since my last post ..

Quit my job.. left to Auckland for higher studies..

And now i'm this beautiful country...with big dreams and high hopes !

I must say that it was a bold decision for me to leave my decent job, family and friends, and to risk entering a venture which is full of uncertainties.

Never the less, hoping for the best.

The experience in this country has been pleasant so far. The locals ( kiwis ) are genuinely friendly. And there's absolutely no sort of Racism or anything on those lines.

The local Maori people are more like Indians in their customs and beliefs.. very warm people.

And finally the University of Auckland..the main purpose of my visit to New Zealand, was a bit of a let down when i first visited it. I was expecting it be more on the lines of the US universities that we see in so many movies, with huge campuses, and a great university life.

That was not to be, my Uni is massive no doubt about it, but it is split into various smaller campuses that house different departments.

Apart from that, its a great university for research, and has some highly qualified profs.

I've just finished my first semester ...

P.S. This incomplete post has been a draft in my account since I started writing it. I am posting it on 26 Feb 2011