Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Its holiday season, and i'm in front of the laptop doing some research on where to go for the Holidays...though i know its a bit late to do the planning..
Anyways, Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
have a great year ahead !

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank Goodness its Friday !

Its Friday again :)

The days seem to be flying at lightning  pace, fridays seem to be coming much faster than they used while I was in school or college, but i'm not complaining :)

Its an interesting weekend ahead for me, an important cricket match to play, which would decide if I have to travel to Bombay in January or not. And some catching up with friends and relatives to do.. 

There's also a christmas game we're playin in our office, its called secret Santa, so have to pick up some gifts for that. Wonder what i'm going to buy, I remember playing this game as a kid in school.

i'll sign off for now, all you guys out there have a great weekend !

P.S. Excuse me for using the old name - Bombay, but i like it better than Mumbai and that goes for all the other renamed cities too. 



Monday, December 8, 2008

Give & Take

This post is about an article that I read in the paper recently.
The gist of the article was - for any relationship ( it can be between anybody, father-son, student-teacher, husband-wife etc ) to be healthy its very important that favours flow from both sides. Now that does'nt mean that every favour needs to be returned in a mechanical fashion, its just that once in a while we need to give something back. Nothing disastrous will happen if we dont, but its nice to give something back once in a while.
This article triggered off something in me and made me reflect how i've been doing in relationships. I realized that I need to make ammends !
Let me give an example -
My mum's been doing a whole lot of things for us day in and day out, religiously for the past so many years( like all mothers ), without expecting much in return ( expect for good grades while i was studying )
and she had'nt got back much, atleast from me. I would be busy with my own stuff all the time without much time for her, I dont remember taking time off and doing something nice for her. But I'm sure that she liked me to spend some time with her , expected me to take her out, or just wanted to sit down and have a long chat. Whether i gave her any of that or not she continued and still continues to serve us with all love and care. This used to be more of a relationship where the favours were more or less flowing one way .

Thanks to the article in the paper, i now ensure that i take some time off my "busy" life and spend more time with my family.

So people out there, done something nice for sombody lately ??
no ??
ok then go do something !

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where's the Silver lining ? ? ?

This is the first topic that I am going to write about, and i have chosen something that has deeply affected me.
Its the terror strikes that paralyzed India over the last week ( Nov 26th,2008 ).
As a citizen of India, I am filled with disgust with the way our country is being run by a bunch of thugs and jokers. I am somtimes engulfed with a feeling of helplessness ! Some of the questions that keep haunting me are :-

Is it ever going to get any better ? Are we ever going to learn a lesson ? There were serial blasts in many major cities a few months ago, what were the actions taken after that ?

For how long are we going to listen to the nonsensical explanations given by Pakistan after every terror attack and keep quiet ? Are'nt we ever going to take them to task ? Dont we aught to show them that we cant be messed around with ?

Cant we better equip our cops ? The fat belly and a wooden lathi image of an Indian cop has'nt
changed much since independence, with all due respect the the police force.

Are we ever going to have literate politicians ? Politicians without a criminal record ? Cant we have mandatory educational requirements for them ?

Cant the government be more transparent and let us know how our money is being spent ?

I dont see a silver lining in this dark cloud that is casting a shadow on our country .

On a ending note, I pray for a speedy recovery and a bright future for all those traumatized by the Mumbai attacks.

Vikas Arya

Hello World

Hi People !

I've finally made up my mind to write a blog :)
Though I have always felt that blogging is a great way to speak your mind, I was never sure if i was creative enough to maintain a blog.
Anyways here I begin !
I will start posting my thoughts and views on anything that interests me, and i look forward to meeting and sharing thoughts with the people I am going to meet here.


Vikas Arya