Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hello World

Hi People !

I've finally made up my mind to write a blog :)
Though I have always felt that blogging is a great way to speak your mind, I was never sure if i was creative enough to maintain a blog.
Anyways here I begin !
I will start posting my thoughts and views on anything that interests me, and i look forward to meeting and sharing thoughts with the people I am going to meet here.


Vikas Arya


Ashwin Prabhakaran said...

Way to go Vikas...
Happy to see you here.. Welcome to the infinitely huge world of Blogosphere..
Looking forward to reading your view of our collective world..
Inspiration comes from both within and around us..
Keep writing..

dbs said...

Happy Blogging Vikas!!

kiran said...

Interesting one's ,
Nice work vicky , go for it

There are certain things, which might make one realise , they had , but not really considered wht they had..

Interesting indeed !!