Monday, December 8, 2008

Give & Take

This post is about an article that I read in the paper recently.
The gist of the article was - for any relationship ( it can be between anybody, father-son, student-teacher, husband-wife etc ) to be healthy its very important that favours flow from both sides. Now that does'nt mean that every favour needs to be returned in a mechanical fashion, its just that once in a while we need to give something back. Nothing disastrous will happen if we dont, but its nice to give something back once in a while.
This article triggered off something in me and made me reflect how i've been doing in relationships. I realized that I need to make ammends !
Let me give an example -
My mum's been doing a whole lot of things for us day in and day out, religiously for the past so many years( like all mothers ), without expecting much in return ( expect for good grades while i was studying )
and she had'nt got back much, atleast from me. I would be busy with my own stuff all the time without much time for her, I dont remember taking time off and doing something nice for her. But I'm sure that she liked me to spend some time with her , expected me to take her out, or just wanted to sit down and have a long chat. Whether i gave her any of that or not she continued and still continues to serve us with all love and care. This used to be more of a relationship where the favours were more or less flowing one way .

Thanks to the article in the paper, i now ensure that i take some time off my "busy" life and spend more time with my family.

So people out there, done something nice for sombody lately ??
no ??
ok then go do something !


Ashwin Prabhakaran said...

Thats right..
"for any relationship to be healthy its very important that favours flow from both sides"

We take so many things in our lives for granted.. its time stopped a bit and acknowledge the little somethings..

To start with.. This is a very good post Vikas.. Kudos

nicky said...

Hi Vikas..
Nice topic n good that u realized that sooner than u thought :)

I've been doin my part correctly frm a long time ;)

All the readers of this blog, atleast after reading this topic plz spend more time with family n frends coz they r the ones standing beside u at all places and at all times, good or bad they r always there n start complimenting others big or small :)

Vikas Arya said...

nicky its nice to know that you been doing this for quite a while :)
and btw u might want to enable access to your profile, so that ppl can visit your blog :)

dbs said...

Everyone here is so right!! Spending time with family is really important.

It all rang in my head only after I joined work; when I barely met my folks or barely knew anything that happened at home. It sure was crazy!

But yup I am happy that I did realize that and now I do spend enough time at home!!

Cheers to all our folks for always being there!

fate said...

That does sound like a very important trait to any relation ship. I guess that people as a sociaty should look to see how each one gives back in their own way.

wiim said...

Great blog, and nice article.