Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank Goodness its Friday !

Its Friday again :)

The days seem to be flying at lightning  pace, fridays seem to be coming much faster than they used while I was in school or college, but i'm not complaining :)

Its an interesting weekend ahead for me, an important cricket match to play, which would decide if I have to travel to Bombay in January or not. And some catching up with friends and relatives to do.. 

There's also a christmas game we're playin in our office, its called secret Santa, so have to pick up some gifts for that. Wonder what i'm going to buy, I remember playing this game as a kid in school.

i'll sign off for now, all you guys out there have a great weekend !

P.S. Excuse me for using the old name - Bombay, but i like it better than Mumbai and that goes for all the other renamed cities too. 




Ashwin Prabhakaran said...

TGIF Vikas..
Unfortunately I can say that only for Tuesdays as I take off on Wednesdays ;)..
Nevertheless.. have a super weekend..
will be catching up with my biddies myself..
and yeah.. it still is Bombay for me ..

dbs said...

hey Vikas..yeah..we played secret santa too @ work! looking forward to a great trip and you have a great weekend ahead. All d best with the cricket match!
and yup its Bombay for me too and yup same with all the renamed cities!

fate said...

Well i have to say fridays are amazing, and i get to pick up a few gifts for a few friends of mine; so i hope you have a great weekend and a grand day.