Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where's the Silver lining ? ? ?

This is the first topic that I am going to write about, and i have chosen something that has deeply affected me.
Its the terror strikes that paralyzed India over the last week ( Nov 26th,2008 ).
As a citizen of India, I am filled with disgust with the way our country is being run by a bunch of thugs and jokers. I am somtimes engulfed with a feeling of helplessness ! Some of the questions that keep haunting me are :-

Is it ever going to get any better ? Are we ever going to learn a lesson ? There were serial blasts in many major cities a few months ago, what were the actions taken after that ?

For how long are we going to listen to the nonsensical explanations given by Pakistan after every terror attack and keep quiet ? Are'nt we ever going to take them to task ? Dont we aught to show them that we cant be messed around with ?

Cant we better equip our cops ? The fat belly and a wooden lathi image of an Indian cop has'nt
changed much since independence, with all due respect the the police force.

Are we ever going to have literate politicians ? Politicians without a criminal record ? Cant we have mandatory educational requirements for them ?

Cant the government be more transparent and let us know how our money is being spent ?

I dont see a silver lining in this dark cloud that is casting a shadow on our country .

On a ending note, I pray for a speedy recovery and a bright future for all those traumatized by the Mumbai attacks.

Vikas Arya


Ashwin Prabhakaran said...

hmmm.. yes.. we are all filled with an ostentatious amount of anger, guilt, depression, insecurity, rage and many other words and feelings that we wouldn't be able to describe..
Well our country is a very huge one with a population bursting into a couple of billions... but we are still regressive..
But I'm sure there is a Silver Lining somewhere.. how much ever we fail to see it!!
after all "we can look at a glass half full or half empty.."
I know by saying this I cannot bring back the lives of those who have been barbarously killed..
But as Citizens of an educated, developed (I am taking the liberty of using that word), Super Power (again taking another liberty) Nation I am sure we could bring things to a logical conclusion..
Ethnic, Religious, Political Diversity can be both our greatest virtue as well as our greatest Bane..
but beyond everything else s humanity..
IT would be great if each one of us could do something to improve the world in whatever way we could..
Its a natural feeling that you going through..
But Silver Lining there is.. I'm sure.. :)

dbs said...

Vikas, I am sure things will change after all this. We will definitely be a better country tomorrow! I am sure this has taught each and every one of us to be a more responsible citizen!
And yup I agree to what our man has to say "There is a Silver lining somewhere"..I am sure there is..and which is why we have all come so far!

dbs said...

yup..educational qualifications should become mandatory for all types of jobs, including Politics!!

And yes, I am sure that our armed forces will be well equipped very soon!

Lokeshwar Reddy said...

i am sad that its too late we feel responsible now and things are changing now,
Things are changing with those who are literate and well enough to understand the circumstances(mainly from metro's or those who has watched the live telecast of the incident)

The real india lies in the villages. or metro's does not completely represent india

very few politicians come from the metros. The change/responsibility, i feel, should come from every citizen, who votes, if this has something to do with the politicians. Educating the politicians doesn't help much. Educating the citizens helps better.

before educating others, i feel, i should be educated first. let you and me start it off. Upgrading the armed forces with latest stuff was pending from 1993 it seems and who knows, are we using the Right for Information, are we voting for a cause, are we voting for a right person, when there is no right person, why should we vote, are we encouraging people to join armed forces, are we ready to fight against politicians,

there are a lot of questions, only a few have answers i guess,

lets stop reading page3, atleast me,
lets stop talking
and start doing

i feel, the silver lining is still far away, but visible

lets not stand and search the silver line.
i started walking.......

fate said...

I'm here in America and i still can't believe how the world is behaving to other countries. It makes me very sad and angry about those attacks. At least the world is taking notice.

Darshan BR said...

Hi vikas... its sad.. its disgustin.. i can see the pain and responsibility in you.. but u dont worry dude... there is silver lining somewhere... it cannot be brought by some1 els it has to be brought by us.. we have to create it.. lets stop sayin can some1 pls bring us light can some1 pls bring us light.. NO.... lets stop this attitude and lets make a change.. and i assure u dat in future definitely there will be literate politicians.... it is for sure.. take my word dude.....