Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back from the dead

Hi guys,

Before I say anything, it has taken a lot of persuasion from my pal Ashwin, to start writing again. Thanks buddy.

Its been a really long time since I've written anything, and its been pretty eventful since then. I left my country to come to New Zealand to do my Masters in Computer Systems, and it is a totally new world out here in NZ. Met lots of new people, tried skiing, started learning Karate ( my goal is to get a black belt ! ), and have finished my degree with pretty decent grades.

Life in NZ has been pretty good, in terms of the friendly people around, the uni experience, awesome scenery and the excellent infrastructure.

I find it pretty dull here at times, but I guess that is pretty natural for someone coming from India.

Being active in sports has helped me pass time in a useful way.

There are wonderful tennis courts here in Auckland, which the people can use for free.

What has struck me here is that there are more resources and facilities and less number of people to use them. Empty parks, play grounds and tennis courts are a common sight.

Traffic is one thing that is getting onto everyone's nerves here. I strongly feel that if the NZ govt doesn't do something soon enough, they will have severe traffic problems to deal with in the future.

That apart the weather is pretty similar to India only more colder during winter and the sun more piercing.

Another plus point is that I have not experienced racism in any form till date, and hope I never do !

I was a bit apprehensive about racism before coming here, but all my fears have been allayed.

Availability of good vegetarian food is an issue sometimes, but now I've come to accept the fact that food is one of the biggest sacrifices I've had to make by coming to NZ.

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